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Thank you

I looked back and saw

So many mistakes that I did,

Fell so many times,

SO much of anguish

And yet I survived.


How I thought?

How could I survive my fallen deeds

How could I survive such wicked blows

How could there be sunshine

How could I not be alone.


And then I realized,

I was never alone,

I erred but you erased

I fell but you held

I was a miscreant but you rescued.


I felt lonely

But I was never alone

I shivered

but was never cold

Your loving touch was always there


And today i remember all those times

when you were there

And yet I searched for you

Today is a special day wherein



And a small prayer too

Please be with me always

Like you have always been

Guiding, Holding

Enveloping me with your love.



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