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The yearnings of the soul

Life seems to be a tightrope walk. The one in the corporate ladder has projects and deadlines,  parents struggle between, career and home. So where does it leave the spiritual aspirant?

Tight Rope Walker Stickman Clip Art

Life is a tightrope walk for them too.

Some time back one acquaintance had remarked, ‘It is good for you that you don’t have distractions. I mean, you don’t have parties to attend, you don’t have social image to adhere to, you can just care for your family and that’s it’.

For a second I felt guilty and incomplete. I mean I was standing in front of a career woman and what am I?

But then reality stuck. And I told her about my schedule. And she said, ‘how can you manage so much?’

But thats the beauty of a spiritual life. I won’t say I lead a pure life…I still have miles to go before I reach that landmark.

I have often heard from some seniors and the visiting dignitaries that time stretches in holy dhams. The 16 rounds of japa you struggle with each day to finish can be done quite easily and with better concentration in any holy dham. I am yet to experience that but then time does seem to stretch when you do something which your heart desires and yearns.

Some five odd years back when I had heard someone saying that japa is what the heart craves for; the soul wants its permanent identity; I had rubbished the whole idea. I was young and happy with my life. Caring for my child, writing and saas bahu serials were enough to keep me happy. But then in a desolate moment, I sat down and chanted. No, I didn’t have a japa mala or the beads to chant; I just chanted. And thats when everything changed. I was happy. I didn’t know why but I was happy. It was much later that I could understand that I was just responding to the call of my heart. And that is why I was happy.

And the journey became better and better. Along the way I lost a little of obsessiveness while gaining a lot of peace and happiness. Not a bad bargain, eh?

Earlier the tightrope was between social obligations, housework et all. Today it is between japa, reading and sevas. So which one is better. Definitely the second. Because I can do it all and still have time.  I am happy and can make others happy too.

So what is the moral? The moral is do what your soul craves for. Make yourself happy and when will you be happy……. when you attend to the yearnings of the soul.

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Nourish the soul

We cling on to things, ideas, relationships refusing to believe that everything has an expiry date.

We hold on to I, me, myself so fiercely that in the process we hurt ourselves

We have to be best in everything.  Our children have to learn; refusing to believe that sometimes we learn without consciously learning.

This beautiful gift called life is to be used for a higher purpose. …how many of us realize that?


The Bhagvad Gita has described this world as dukhalaya asaswatham meaning that everything here is full of misery and temporary.(B.G. 8.15)

mam upetya punar janma
duhkhalayam asasvatam
napnuvanti mahatmanah
samsiddhim paramam gatah


After attaining Me, the great souls, who are yogis in devotion, never return to this temporary world, which is full of miseries, because they have attained the highest perfection.

And still we cling on to things. haven’t you seen people clinging on to their old things even thought hey are battered and out of use. ‘Nostalgia’ they say.

Similarly we cling on to old thoughts, old enmities and old hurts and hurt our selves day after day.

They are some of us who want the latest the latest gizmo, the latest clothes, everything that comes in new but while we take care to be trendy, how many of us take care to nourish our soul.

‘Beauty is only skin deep’ we say and go and spend thousands for its upkeep, while inside our soul languishes.

We make our children go through so many classes saying that it is necessary for his over all development, but do we really see that they develop in full. Isn’t spiritual education too necessary?

Everyone of us cannot be yogis. Yes we have to earn, yes we have to be independent but can’t we take some time to nourish ourselves.

Very often we hear people say that they go to the temple they feel calm, they are filled with positivity or that there is peace within. Does anyone wonder why?

It is because at that time we hear the call of our soul and we connect to it. The rest of the time we just satisfy our senses. Eat good, see good, live good etc etc.

Chanting of a round, visiting a holy place, reading Bhagvad Gita and contemplating on it, doing some charity, doing some devotional service are acts of nourishing the soul. Once you follow this path, you will see that all the other negativity of hoarding or possessing things (or relationships) gradually subside. We accept everyone as they are and most important we accept ourselves as we are.


Just like we need food for the body, we need food for the soul. And what is that food? Hearing and chanting God’s names in the association of saintly people. Otherwise, we will give in to temptations at the smallest instance. We will be weaklings, spiritually.

– Radhanath Swami

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