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Krishna, arranges

As Rashmi opened the door and quietly stepped inside, she noticed her mother waiting. ‘Ma, I have told you not to wait for me’.

‘How do I sleep when you are out with hippies’, her mother said.

‘Ma, they are not hippies, they are devotees. And I had told you that there is a kirtan mela and the President had invited you too. You both could have come’, Rashmi said.

‘I don’t like to see people singing and dancing like mad’, her mother said.

‘Ma, it is not a mad dance, we dance in ecstasy’. Rashmi said.

‘Don’t tell me. I just hope we get a good groom for you and get you married off. What you do after that is not my botheration’, her mother said and left.

The next day when Rashmi sat down to chant after the Mangalaarti was over, her mother came and put five photographs in front of her.

‘These are eligible bachelors, select amongst them’, told her mother.

‘Are they devotees’, Rashmi asked.

‘I don’t know’, her mother said.

‘Do they eat non-veg’, she said

‘Yes’, her mother said

‘Then for me, none are eligible’, she replied.

‘See Rashmi, these boys belong to our community, they are well-educated, earn well, look good too. After marriage you can make them into a vegetarian, a devotee or whatever you want’, her mother said.

‘And what if he is not interested in spirituality, whole life I have to suffer just abiding to his wishes’, Rashmi asked.

‘Well in our culture, women have to abide by the decision of her husband’, her mother said.

‘And our culture allows a woman to choose her own husband. No, ma if I marry it will be to a man of my choice and preference’, she said

Her mother just kept quiet and brought her breakfast.

‘Bread and omelet?’, she remarked, You know I don’t eat egg.

‘See Rashmi don’t be fussy what will happen if your husband likes eating non-veg’, said her mother

‘Ma, I told you, I will marry a man of my choice’, she said and left for her room

‘And what happens if you don’t meet a person of your choice’, her mother said

‘It is not me who will meet Ma, Krishna will arrange’, she said.

As she sat in her room, Rashmi understood that in her life out of all the trapatreyas*-the three fold miseries, Adi bhautik was the worst.


As she sat dull and forlorn arranging books in the stall, Sharada mataji and stood beside her. Sharada mataji was the wife of the temple president and looked after the congregation as her own children.

‘Rashmi, whats the matter, nowadays you are not in the element’, she said.

‘Nothing mataji’, she said.

‘Rashmi, we belong to the same congregation and we all need to lean on each other’, mataji said.

Slowly Rashmi began to tell about her problems; about how her mother objected to her spiritual leanings, her father was ok. How she was being forced into marriage etc.

Mataji just said ‘Hmmm’.

A couple of weeks later her father called her. which was actually a surprise considering he never called her during office hours.

‘Rashmi come home on time, I want you to meet somebody’, he said.

Rashmi just hoped that her father hadn’t contracted the marriage bug from her mother.

When she reached home there was some conversation going on. She opened the door to find the temple president and his wife along with some other people.

Sharada came forward and said, ‘You wanted a devotee family isn’t it and see Balchandra prabhu were looking for a devotee girl. I was praying everyday for you and see….’, she said with a smile.

‘Sharada mataji has told us about you and then looking at your altar, I knew that you are the one for my son…’ the other lady said.


As she sat all dressed up for the call from the priest, her mother came and stood behind her and said with a smile, ‘You were right, Krishna arranges’.

‘Yes, but only if you have faith’, Rashmi added.


In the Bhagvad Gita Krishna says in the 9th chapter 22nd shloka

ananyas cintayanto mam
ye janah paryupasate
tesam nityabhiyuktanam
yoga-ksemam vahamy aham


But those who worship Me with devotion, meditating on My transcendental form–to them I carry what they lack and preserve what they have.

Shloka translation: asitis.com

*Trapatreya-threefold miseries-Adi daivik– miseries caused by the devas like flood, earthquakes etc

Adibhautik– miseries caused by the kith and kin

Adhyatmik– miseries caused by own self


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An old story reblogging here. It is a story of an old woman and her faith. May this Diwali strengthen your faith and make you steadfast.


Gowramma lovingly checked the flowers before plucking them. Everything had to be perfect for her Krishna, isn’t it? Her flower basket full of flowers, she moved slowly to her house and then to the deity room. Sat down slowly taking support of the walls and began making a garland.

At 82 years of age, Gowramma was quite active. Mornings were devoted to tending her little patch of land which had some flower bushes and some vegetables. Cleaning the house and then the altar room. Looking after her Krishna, making garlands for Him, some simple food for Him and looking after Surabhi. Surabhi, her cow and her companion for many years. She looked after Surabhi and Surabhi looked after her.

‘Mayi..Mayi…’, it was Harish, her neighbor.

‘Harish, I am in the altar room’, she called out.

‘Mayi, I am dirty, cannot come in, can you please come out’, he said

Gowramma slowly got up, again taking the support of the walls.

‘What happened Harish, you fell down somewhere, why are your clothes so dirty?’

‘Mayi, it  is because of the urchin Madan, he was stealing some milk from the kitchen when I found him and chased him away.But the scoundrel was too fast for me’.

‘He must be hungry Harish’, said Gowramma

‘ He can ask, Mayi, why steal?. Anyways here are some roses from my garden, use it for your Krishna, so saying he waved a bye and left.

Gowramma stood there for some time. ‘It was good that Harish failed his 10th. See he is such an enterprising farmer. And look at my son he was good at studies no doubt but then he became a software engineer, left to USA and sold our acres of land to Harish. Yes, yes he had taken me with him but I could not adjust there. Is it a place worth staying where even if I offer aarti to my Krishna, the fire alarms ring. Nah, US is not for me’.

Surabhi heard her patiently mooing her yes and no at the appropriate places.

It was in the evening when she was going to the grocer’s that she saw a boy hiding behind a cart near her house.

‘Are you Madan?, she asked.

‘Speak in a low tone or Harish will listen’, he said

‘Come to me and he will not beat you’, she said

But he refused to budge. after a lot of persuasion and a bribe of milk payasam he agreed to come out.

From then on, Gowramma nurtured him. Madan was an orphan. No one knew from where he came, but he always loitered around Harish’s farm, more precisely the erstwhile land of Gowramma. Harish always saw to it that he was given food and clothes and yet Madan loved to steal from Harish’s kitchen.

But everything changed after Gowramma started taking care of him. She even started teaching him. He would help her in all the chores but never in the altar room. He would look at her fondly when she cleaned the room, made garlands or made prasadam but never took part.

‘Madana, why don’t you join me. The Lord will be happy if you help me’, she would say.

‘Nahh, that is your job’, he would say with a mischievous smile.

Gowramma would back off. Bhakti and Seva  are qualities that should  not  be forced on anyone.


Gowramma was tired. She could not string the flowers. She knew her end was near and she was worried. A tear flowed down from her eyes.

‘What happened? Why are you crying?’, it was Madan.

‘I am going to leave you soon, my dear’, she said

‘So why are you crying? You will be freed of this body’, said he.

‘I am worried for my Krisna and Surabhi’, said she.

‘Harish will look after Surabhi and your Krisna, he can look after himself , don’t worry’.

She looked at him then, taken aback by the sharp tone of his voice and then she smiled.

Harish came running. He was tilling his land when Surabhi’s mooing reached his ears. It meant that something was not right. He found tears running down Surabhi’s eyes, he rushed inside to find Gowramma bowing down at the altar. He touched her to find that her life breathe had gone away.

The idol of Krisna was missing.

Neither did he see Madan ever again.

* fiction

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