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Just a puppet

Pihu whistled as she got ready for her college. Mrs.Agrawal, her mother was a bit relieved seeing her in a good mood. She whispered to her husband, ‘Weather is good today…’

‘Or is it the lull before the storm’, whispered Mr. Agrawal back.

Dealing with teenagers is not easy. Pihu was all of 17 and she had given enough heartache to her parents.

Volatile temper, bad grades, you name it and Mr and Mrs. Agrawal had experienced it all.

Till her tenth Pihu had been an obedient girl. An ace student and good in sports and extracurricular activities, there has been a change in attitude as soon as she had joined junior college. Sometimes her parents had difficulty in accepting that this girl was really their daughter.

Pihu came and sat down to have her breakfast, ‘What have you made ma’, she asked.

‘Poori-bhaji’, answered her mother.

‘Maaaa’, screamed Pihu, ‘How could you?’

‘What happened?’ shivered her mother

‘Can you see the acne on my face, I can’t eat oily stuff, can’t you understand?’ said Pihu

‘You can make your own breakfast’, said Mr. Agrawal

Both father- daughter glared at each other.

‘You can have bread and jam if you want’, said Mrs. Agrawal trying to diffuse the situation.

Pihu just picked up her bag and left.

Mrs. And Mr. Agrawal sat down in contemplation. They were musing that what mistake they had done while bringing up Pihu.

Pihu came late and shut herself in her room. However much her parents cajoled, she refused to come out.

‘Do you think, she is doing drugs’, asked Mrs. Agrawal in a quivering voice.

Mr. Agrawal  just mumbled incoherently.

Overnight both decided to visit Pihu’s college. They decided to go and speak to her teachers about her behaviour. Pihu had left already for college again without having breakfast.

As they were getting ready, the telephone rang….It was the College Principal. He wanted to meet them immediately.

The Principal informed them that Pihu was not paying attention in class. In fact she was disrupting the class quite often. In fact the previous day he had taken a leave as some of his relatives were visiting him. While going around the city, he saw, Pihu and her friends near a shopping mall most probably to watch a movie during college hours.

‘Has she told you that she was going to a movie?’ asked the Principal

They shook their head.

‘Pihu is a bright student and it pains me to see a good student go astray. If need be take the help of our School Counsellor’, advised the Principal.

Mr. And Mrs. Agrawal went home.

Pihu was subdued that day. Obviously she had come to know that her parents had been summoned to the school. Mrs. Agrawal went to her room and asked softly, ‘Which movie did you go to yesterday?’

Pihu mentioned the name.

‘Pihu have we ever said no to you?? But going to a movie during college hours mad that too without telling us? You are still a minor Pihu and you take such liberties’.

Pihu sat quietly.

Her mother  continued,‘And I hear that you are not attentive in class and in fact disturb the class.Why Pihu? What about your ambitions. You wanted to be a scientist right but what is all this….?’

Tears trickled down Pihu’s eyes.

‘We have never forced our dreams on you Pihu, you have got whatever you needed’, and the Mr. Agrawal recounted all the episodes of their travels and the happy times they had spent as a family.

‘Why Pihu? Have your dreams changed or are you being influenced by your friends? If you don’t answer me I will believe that in your heart you don’t consider me as your mother’, said Mrs. Agrawal and got up.

But Pihu rushed to her side and hugged her and burst in tears, ‘Maa, don’t go away if you too leave me what will I do?’

And the whole story came out. She had Vidhi had been good friends right from primary school but now Vidhi had to go to another college because she took another stream. Phu felt lonely, it was then that she befriended a group of students who were fun. They went on adventures and took chances. Pihu wanted so badly to be a part of their troop. And she had been imitating their behaviour.

Mrs. Agrawal sighed in relief. At least now they knew the problem, the solution could be worked on.


Arjuna had asked Krishna that sometimes an unknown power seems to be working upon him and unknowingly he had to do something which he didn’t wish to do.

arjuna uvaca
atha kena prayukto ‘yam
papam carati purusah
anicchann api varsneya
balad iva niyojitah


Arjuna said: O descendant of Vrsni, by what is one impelled to sinful acts, even unwillingly, as if engaged by force? (BG. 3.36)

Krishna had then explained that it was the modes of material nature working on him.

sri-bhagavan uvaca
kama esa krodha esa
mahasano maha-papma
viddhy enam iha vairinam


The Blessed Lord said: It is lust only, Arjuna, which is born of contact with the material modes of passion and later transformed into wrath, and which is the all-devouring, sinful enemy of this world.(BG. 3.37)

The soul as such is very pure but as soon as it lands on the material nature, the modes of goodness, passion and ignorance start working upon it. And we are just the puppets of these modes.

Different times of the day the modes act differently. The early hours of the day is the time when the mode of goodness is more prominent.The day time is the time when we work and is dominated by mode of passion. The night is for the mode of ignorance,

Any food which is fresh is in the mode of goodness, spicy food and meat are in the mood of passion while stale food is in the mood of ignorance.

So the different times of the day, the food we eat and the company we keep all act on the modes and we act accordingly.

**The story above is a hypothetical one and is just to illustrate how we act and the reasons behind our actions and is not a guideline in managing teenage tantrums



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