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I shall NEVER run away

Continued from here

Harish spent the whole night tossing and turning. What would Suresh do, would his wife return were his prime concern. It was only in the early  morning that he could finally sleep.

When he woke it was to find that it was bright and sunny. He checked his watch and got a shock, it was 8.30 am. He jumped. He had thought of waking at least by 6 and opening the shop for his milk customers.

‘Amma pack my breakfast,I will have it in the shop’, he yelled.

‘But why?’, she yelled back.

‘I have to open the shop, customers will be waiting  for milk.But wait if the shop is closed where the vendor will keep the crates’, he yelled

‘Whatt…..why you want to go. Suresh is already there’, said Amma.

Harish stopped and went to the dining area where his mother was having breakfast and reading newspaper. ‘Anna came?’, he asked

‘Yes, he came at 4, had his bath and left.Your father has gone there now to give him breakfast.’, she said

‘Vanhi??’, he asked

‘I didn’t ask Harish, didn’t want to bother him early in the morning’, she said.

Harish went to the shop around 11.30. There weren’t any customers. Suresh was taking stock of the milk packets sold that day. He looked at Harish and smiled.

‘How are you Anna’, he asked

‘I am perfectly fine’, he said and looking at him said, ‘You are asking about yesterday right’.

Harish nodded.

‘Sumati felt that all are ganging up together to keep me and her separate’. he said.

‘We never had that intention’, Harish said

‘That is what I told her. I told her how I had lost my job and how after numerous trials I didn’t get another. And how you got the idea of operating this shop. I told her how for our future I had to work hard now. And when we save a little we can go for vacations….’

‘She listened/’, Asked Harish.

‘She had to. I also told her that for amma she is like a daughter, so if she too treats amma like her mother, all will be fine’, said Suresh.

Harish looked at Suresh in wonder. ‘So much change’, Harish thought, ‘God is merciful upon me.’

‘I think all this is because we haven’t given any responsibility to her. As we know idle mind is a devils workshop. So I am going to ask amma to involve her at home. Also, I am going to ask her to bring breakfast for me. There is so much rush in the morning, she will help me. What do you think? Am I right?’, asked Harish

‘Yes, you are’, said Harish. At that moment some customers came. As Suresh was taking their order, his phone rang, he signalled to Harish to take over. By the time the customers left, Suresh had finished with the call.

‘Amma’s call’, he said, ‘Sumati’s parents have brought her back. I will go home now’, he said.

Harish looked on happily. ‘Is this an end or a beginning’, he thought,’I always wanted to run away, afraid of problems. But then the sweetness of success is it because we overcome our problems or is it because we tried and didn’t buckle under pressure. But most important, would I have this feeling of achievement if I were alone.  Would I have the love and blessings of everyone if I were alone. No. Sure being together has a lot of problems but much more than that is this feeling of love and togetherness’.


karmany evadhikaras te ma phalesu kadacana
ma karma-phala-hetur bhur ma te sango ‘stv akarmani
You have a right to perform your prescribed duty, but you are not entitled to the fruits of action. Never consider yourself to be the cause of the results of your activities, and never be attached to not doing your duty.

As this very famous shloka says we have to perform our prescribed duty and not bother about our result. Or in other words, don’t bother about the destination but enjoy the journey. Life will never be without problems face them. Running away  whether to another place or in some cases taking away one’s life is never a solution.


I am taking part in BAR-A-THON Edition 3
The theme is RUN. I hope you enjoyed this yatra as much as I enjoyed writing it.



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I should have run away

Continued from here

Suresh came by 5 and told,’You can leave now Harish I can manage, go watch a movie with friends.’

‘I am going to meet Guruji’, he said.

‘Too matured for his age’, muttered Suresh under his breath.

When Harish reached Guruji’s place, Guruji was watering his plants. When he saw Harish he was happy and immediately hugged him.

‘You know Harish when I first met you, you were like a wild flower. Tempestuous, angry and rebellious. Then slowly you became receptive, just like this plant. You know this shrub was wild; then I pruned it, gave some manure, watered it and it began flowering.  Looking at you I feel so proud Harish and definitely your parents feel so too.’

Harish was uncomfortable, he didn’t know how to receive compliments. And then he said, ‘All because of you Guruji or else I would be roaming around in some street smoking ganja and what not.’

Guruji looked at him closely and said, ‘the storm is over, is it?’

‘Seems so’, answered Harish and explained the events of the past few days.

‘My good Lord….are you hurt Harish……’

‘I am perfectly fine Guruji, I escaped unharmed’, replied Harish,’ But Guruji, so much anger that you want to hurt someone else without thinking about the consequences?’

‘When we want something very badly, we develop an attachment to it, and eventually when such attachments do not materialise anger generates. It is all very logical. Have you seen a child demanding for candy in a supermarket?’

Harish nodded.

‘First it will look at the candy, then he declares that he wants it, then when he doesn’t see his parents relenting, he will roll on the floor and eventually when still his parents don’t yield, then he will scream to pull everyone’s attention and even then if he is not heard then he will start punching his parents. We never grow up really. Only our desires change and maybe our methodology of acquiring our desires………When there is anger your sense of judgement deserts you’.

Harish was engrossed but then his phone rang. It was Suresh, he took the call.

‘Harish, I know I asked you to take a break but you have to come to the shop now. It is urgent’, and before Harish could say anything the call was disconnected.

Harish took leave from Guruji and rushed.

‘As soon as he reached the shop Suresh started to leave, Harish asked what the matter was and he replied…’Sumati has left home’.

The rest of the evening was spent in a haze, ‘God……. is there any end to our troubles. Just now Anna was becoming serious and now this. If God forbid Anna falls back to his old ways, then what…’ A hundred questions battled in his mind and yet he went on working mechanically.

When he reached home he saw his parents in a sullen mood. Suresh was at his in-law’s place.

‘What happened amma’. he asked.

‘Nothing much actually. As you know Sumati doesn’t do any work at home. The whole day she would be lazing around, playing on her mobile and watching Television. Today Mrs. Shetty had come to visit, I just asked Sumati to bring a glass of water. She just got up and went to her room. Later on I asked her why she didn’t get water and she started screaming that all we thought of was to make her a maidservant just as we had made Suresh our servant. I told her that Suresh had improved and in fact become responsible. She said that, that was our plan to make Suresh busy in the shop so that he would be far from her……Next I saw her packing her bags and leave. I asked her to stop but she didn’t listen. Then I called Suresh. Now he has gone to talk to her, most probably he will stay there. i just hope he doesn’t stay there only from now on…’

‘Don’t talk nonsense, give food to Harish and then let us sleep. Out staying awake will not change anything’, said his father.

Harish lay awake thinking. relationships are so complex difficult to handle, better to run away and stay alone somewhere.

to be continued

We all need a Guruji, in our lives, someone who can guide us and lead us to the right path. It is very important to have an inquisitive mind to ask the right question to the right person. Then only we will find answers to life’s secrets.

tad viddhi pranipatena pariprasnena sevaya
upadeksyanti te jnanam jnaninas tattva-darsinah
Just try to learn the truth by approaching a spiritual master. Inquire from him submissively and render service unto him. The self-realized soul can impart knowledge unto you because he has seen the truth. (BG 4.34)

Harish is fortunate to have a Guruji who is always there to answer his questions and to guide him but the thought of running away is always in his mind. Maybe he longs for a Utopian world where there is no rife. He has to understand that there are going to be problems but as long as there are solutions. life is fine.

I am taking part in BAR-A-THON Edition 3
The theme is RUN



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Run….who Me?

Continued from here

Harish felt some movement so he ducked. As soon as he ducked, the assailant  lost his balance and fell on Harish’s right shoulder. Suresh who had been observing Harish came and pounced on the assailant taking care that his knife didn’t hurt him. The neighbouring shop fellow also came and both nabbed him. They then dragged him to the shop and pulled off his mask.

It was Dinesh.

Meanwhile the neighbour had called for the police. The police arrested Dinesh. And they all went to the police station. Harish called Mr. Ranga too.

There was no escape for Dinesh, there were enough witnesses.

Under the police coercion Dinesh confessed. From a long time,he had been duping gullible retailers. Some calculation mistake, some extra packets and he would make some money on the side. All because he had the habit of gambling. It was a matter of irritation for Dinesh when Harish insisted on cheque payments and receipts.He was losing both ways.Otherwise he could have made some money at least while paying commission. That day when he saw Suresh at the shop, he had thought that he could fool him. But thanks to Harish, Suresh had written the amount in a book and it had not matched with the receipt. Not only that Harish told about this to Mr.Ranga which had eventually led to online payments. And that is why Dinesh felt angry. And he wanted to take revenge.

By the time the investigation was over it was quite late. Dinesh was locked up. Mr. Ranga offered to drop everyone home in his car. ‘Mr.Ranga, is Dinesh married’, asked Harish.

‘Yes, he is, he has two kids too’, answered Mr. Ranga

‘I wonder what will happen to them’, said Harish.

‘Yes, One person commits crime, the family suffers’, answered Mr. Ranga. And he continued, ‘But don’t worry, I will see how I can help. I heard that his wife is working somewhere but I will sponsor the kids school fees, it will be a little help to them’.

Both brothers spent the night in quiet contemplation.

Next afternoon when Harish went to the shop, he saw an agile Suresh. His brother was calm but you could feel that there was a shift in his attitude.

After sometime Suresh got ready to leave. Harish asked, ‘You are different today, what happened?’

Suresh gave a sheepish grin and then send, ‘Whole night I have been thinking. I want my family to be proud of me. I don’t want to be like Dinesh. So I will work hard and learn everything’. And he left.

But then he returned and said,’yesterday I had asked you to take a break but it was interrupted. You need not come in the night, I will handle, you go out somewhere’

Harish smiled. All his efforts for the past so many months was fructifying now.Who wants to run away from such a loving brother, he thought

He too had been thinking a lot. Why does man become so greedy. So greedy that they want to take advantage of others. Whereas  the truth is that there is no shortcut to success. It is only hard work all the way. ‘Today evening I will go to Guruji’s place and discuss with him’, thought Harish.

The afternoon passed quickly and Harish was excited to be again going to meet his beloved Guruji. Everything looked better now. Suresh had changed and was taking responsibility, ‘now everything would be alright’, thought Harish.

But then universe always has some other plans.

to be continued

The Bhagavad Gita tells us how our desires trap us. Our desires ultimately lead us to anger.

dhyayato visayan pumsah sangas tesupajayate
sangat sanjayate kamah kamat krodho ‘bhijayate
While contemplating the objects of the senses, a person develops attachment for them, and from such attachment lust develops, and from lust anger arises.(BG 2.62)
Here Dinesh has an excessive desire for money because he wants to gamble. And when he sees that because his desire will not be fulfilled from now on because of Harish, he  is angry and wants to take revenge.

So does that mean we have to  be desireless. No,not at all. But one should know what kind of desires you can have and to what extent.

I am taking part in BAR-A-THON Edition 3
The theme is RUN




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Why did I want to run away

Continued from here

It was late in the night. Harish had asked his brother not to come to the shop. He wanted some alone time.It was better to be in the shop than to be at home.

‘Take this Rs 100 balance from morning’,  it was Manoj.

‘What balance?’ asked Harish

‘Morning I had wanted some provisions urgently but didn’t have enough cash. So the balance of Rs. 100…your brother had noted it down in the red book’, said Manoj.

And indeed Suresh had noted that Rs 100 was outstanding from Manoj. Harish  was satisfied that slowly Suresh was learning. He used to tell him repeatedly to note things down as our mind tends to forget. Suddenly something clicked and he asked, ‘ Manoj were you here when Dinesh came?’

‘Who Dinesh?’, asked Manoj

The one who comes for collection from dairy’, said Harish.

‘I don’t know that but yes when I came in Suresh was handing over money to a man’, said Manoj.

‘Were you there when that person said no to cheque and asked for cash?’, asked Harish.

‘Err…no, I was there when Suresh was handing money and then he said, here take this six thousand eight hundred eighty Rupees’, said Manoj

Harish was beaming widely

‘Why are you grinning like that?’, asked Manoj

Harish explained everything and then asked, ‘Will you come with me to the dairy tomorrow morning Manoj?’

‘Of course, I will’,said Manoj

Harish closed down in a happy mood.

Next day both Harish and Manoj went to the dairy at 10 am. Harish explained that Manoj had seen Dinesh in the shop the previous day. Mr Ranga immediately called Dinesh.

Upon Dinesh’s arrival it was explained that Manoj  had seen Dinesh in the shop and heard the conversation between him and Suresh.

‘So?’, asked Dinesh,’ Has he seen me asking for cash and not cheque. I say that Suresh insisted on giving cash and I obliged. As to me taking RS.6880 instead of 5880, what proof does this person have? This person is your friend Harish, so he must be helping you.’

There were lot of accusations back and forth. And all the while Mr. Ranga was silently observing Dinesh. Then ultimately he said,’Harish, nothing can be done now, just ask Suresh to be careful now onwards’.

There was nothing else to be done. Manoj and Harish returned.

After sometime there was a message from Mr. Ranga. ‘I understand that Dinesh is lying but at present I cannot do anything. Don’t be disheartened Harish but be more cautious from now on.’


But from that day on Harish was disheartened. His faith in people has reduced. On the other hand Suresh has turned for the better. He is much more serious. It is as if the episode  was the bitter pill that Suresh needed.

And  another good turn was that Mr. Ranga announced that from now they will get fortnightly bill by email, which they could check and then pay online.

Harish’s mood improved.

Next Sunday ,it was raining heavily. There were not much customers when Suresh stepped into the shop,  Harish was surprised because generally he saw to it that his Anna and Vanhi spend Sunday evenings together.

‘Harish Go take a break.’, said Suresh and then on seeing the surprised look on his face he continued,’You have been working too hard, go relax, I will handle today’

Harish was truly happy and thought ‘And I was thinking to run away from such a brother’.

He took an umbrella  crossed the road and turned right when suddenly he felt a movement….

to be continued

In life sometimes we have to keep on endeavouring even though we do not see any end or any success in our endeavours. Sometimes it is just important to keep on working without worrying about the outcome and then suddenly like a streak of lightening there will be a ray of hope

yoga-sthah kuru karmani sangam tyaktva dhananjaya
siddhy-asiddhyoh samo bhutvasamatvam yoga ucyate
Be steadfast in yoga, O Arjuna. Perform your duty and abandon all attachment to success or failure. Such evenness of mind is called yoga.(BG 2.48)

The shock of loss had been too much for Suresh and he turned  for the better and that was the ray of hope for Harish who had been working tirelessly and hoping for such a change

I am taking part in BAR-A-THON Edition 3
The theme is RUN





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Run?? Where to?

Continued from here

Harish parked his bike in the parking lot at the dairy. Mr. Ranga was busy. So he had to wait for sometime. As soon as he saw Harish, he came towards him saying, ‘What happened today Harish, we had agreed that we would deal only in cheque.Why did you give cash today?’

The throbbing in his head had worsened, Harish sat down heavily. Mr. Ranga was worried now.’What happened Harish, why are you so worried?’

In a low voice Harish told him everything and concluded by saying,’ It is not about Rupees 1000 Mr. Ranga. We had agreed on cheque payments then why did Dinesh ask for cash. I know my brother did a mistake but we are hoping to be in this business for a long time. Honesty and integrity are vital for any business. Why did Dinesh say that you asked for cash and if my brother did a mistake,why didn’t he correct my brother?’

Mr. Ranga heard quietly and then after sometime said,’You are right,Harish. I have to ask Dinesh why he did this. Wait, I will call him’. Mr. Ranga kept on calling Dinesh but he didn’t pick the call.

And with each successive ring, Harish’s heart sank a little more.

Mr. Ranga then said.’Harish, Dinesh was supposed to go to some villages to collect money.He was supposed to go by bus maybe that is why he cannot hear the phone ring. You go home now. As soon as he returns, I will ask him.’

With a heavy heart,he returned home. Lying in the bed he felt disappointed with life in general. He had heard that elder brothers are just like surrogate parents, they care for you, nurture you but in his case, it was different. He had to be the guide and after that there was no gratitude. Only complaints.’I have neglected my own business so that anna can settle down nicely and here  ,messing up with everything’. At that time Suresh entered the room,’Harish I remember what had happened when Dinesh was there, someone had come for some urgent provisions, so I didn’t see the receipt…..’

‘Anna, what are you doing here so early….is our father there in the shop?’, asked Harish.

‘Errr, No. I was so disturbed that I closed the shop and came’, Suresh said.

‘Anna someone may come for some urgent provisions, then? Nowadays we have cut throat competition. Customer once gone, does not return..

Suresh was uncomfortable.

Harish just picked his bike keys and left.

It was 5.30 in the evening when Harish’s mobile rang. It was Mr. Ranga.’Harish, Dinesh swears that Suresh gave him Rs,5880 only. I don’t know who is right and who is wrong? I really don’t know what to do?’

Harish had anticipated that. Dinesh might have understood Suresh’s nature. He had asked for cash deliberately. But what to do now?

‘Deep in thought dear’,someone said.

Harish looked up to see his father standing, ‘I heard that there is some trouble, so I came to meet you’.

Harish told his father the entire episode and even what Mr. Ranga had told him.

‘Hmmm’,said his father

‘No hope father…it is not just about the money. I believe  in fair business but what Dinesh did was crooked. Taking advantage of a gullible person….’, said Harish,

‘All sorts of people in this world, Harish’, said his father. ‘But wait, we still have an option left…if we have any witness then maybe we have some hope’

Harish brightened up and immediately called his brother,’Anna,you had said that when Dinesh came, there was a customer.Do you remember who it was?’

‘Err….no that is what I was thinking buttt there were so many customers in the morning that I don’t remember’, he said.

Harish disconnected the line. At present he just wanted to dig a tunnel deep inside the earth and live there,He didn’t want to worry about payments or money or to search for witnesses. Maybe, he thought, I should take sannyasa…enough of this life.

to be continued


All of us commit mistakes. That is one of our qualities which differentiate us from parmatma or the supersoul. But just because we do not want to commit mistakes, we cannot run away from our duties or responsibilities. Suresh is trying hard, the shop is his only hope now….even if he is faulty, there is no go, he has to learn from his mistakes

saha-jam karma kaunteya sa-dosam api na tyajet
sarvarambha hi dosena dhumenagnir ivavrtah
Every endeavour is covered by some sort of fault, just as fire is covered by smoke. Therefore one should not give up the work which is born of his nature, O son of Kunti, even if such work is full of fault.( BG 18.48)

So Suresh has to keep on endeavouring and Harish has to keep on with ‘his’ endeavours

I am taking part in BAR-A-THON Edition 3
The theme is RUN



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Running away was better

Continued from here

Guruji and Harish started walking. Earlier in the day it had been raining, so Harish had not brought his bike.

Guruji chuckled. Harish was surprised, ‘What happened Guruji?’, he asked

‘You are what 23 now Harish?’, he asked.

‘Yes, Guruji’

‘You know when I was your age, I had decided to renounce everything and do penance’, he chuckled again.

‘Then who stopped you?’, asked Harish

‘My Guruji’, he said,’he told me that I had responsibilities that I could not leave. An ailing father,an unmarried sister. He told me that to understand the absolute truth I needn’t be a sannyasi. I could be grhasta (householder) and still delve on the self.’

By that time they had reached Harish’s home. ‘So Harish times may be tough but your duty ;you have to perform. Do it with sincerity and dedication and stop thinking of running away. And see then you will surely get a breakthrough.’

Harish felt a strange calmness descend on him. He slept soundly.

Two days later……

Around noon he reached the shop. After sometime, his brother went home. He would take lunch, relax for sometime and then return.

Today was Tuesday. In their shop they also sold milk packets. The agent would come for collecting his dues every fortnight. He sat down and wrote ;

Red Packet     40 packets @ 42=1680

Green packet 20 packets @ 20=400

Blue packets 100 packets @38=3800

Total= 5880

He took out the cheque book to get the cheque ready.Just then a customer came in asking for a chips packet. He gave what the customer wanted and then took the money from him. He pulled the cash till out. It was empty. He felt giddy. He knew something was terribly wrong. he called up his brother, Vanhi picked up the line. ‘Your a  Anna is having lunch. Call him later’, she said and cut the line.

Harish left a whatsapp message, ‘call me as soon as possible’

One hour elapsed but no answer. Next he called his home landline number. His mother picked up the phone, ‘Suresh is in his room’,she said.

‘Call him amma please, it is urgent’, he said.

After sometime Suresh picked the line,’Can’t you handle the shop for 2 hours’, he said.

Harish took a deep breathe and said, ‘ Anna, why is the cash till empty?’

‘Oh that…you couldn’t wait another hour to ask, is it’, said he

‘Anna just tell me’, Harish said

‘DInesh came to collect the dues. I gave him cash, because he said Mr. Ranga wanted cash this week’ said Suresh. (Mr.Ranga was the supervisor at the milk dairy)

‘Did you cross check with Mr.Ranga’, Harish asked.

‘No, but he gave receipt’, said Suresh.

Harish searched and found the receipt.

But on an impulse asked, ‘Anna how much did you pay Dinesh’, said Harish

‘Rs. 6880’, he said proudly, ‘I checked twice’, Suresh said.

Harish banged his head. ‘Anna the receipt here is for Rs 5880’, he said and kept the phone down.

His head was reeling quite bad. ‘Let my dharma (duty) go to pits, I am running away from here, somewhere very far, maybe Himalayas. No one should be able to trace me’, he thought.

In 15 minutes Suresh had come to the shop .He picked up a notebook and showed to Harish, ‘ See you ask me to write down all the calculations. I have done, see:

Red Packet     40 packets @ 42=1680

Green packet 20 packets @ 20=400

Blue packets 100 packets @38=3800

Curd packets 50 packets @ 20=1000


Harish said drily, ‘ Anna we pay for curd packets only at the end of the month when we get our commission. At least you could have cross checked with the receipt’

There was silence and then Sumati, Suresh’s wife spoke, ‘It is only 1000 Rs, it is ok.’

‘Yes, it is ok. Everyday a loss of Rs 1000 is ok. Very soon we will be on the streets’, he said and got up took the receipt and the calculations.

‘Where are you going now?’, asked Suresh.

‘To Mr. Ranga’s office. Let me see if I can catch Dinesh there’, he said

to be continued

Our scriptures never recommend running away from situations. Even when Arjuna thinks of becoming a beggar, Krishna recommends that he do his prescribed duty first.

sreyan sva-dharmo vigunah para-dharmat sv-anusthitat
sva-dharme nidhanam sreyah para-dharmo bhayavahah
It is far better to discharge one’s prescribed duties, even though they may be faulty, than another’s duties. Destruction in the course of performing one’s own duty is better than engaging in another’s duties, for to follow another’s path is dangerous. (BG 3.35)


Harish is performing his duty as a brother. As a brother or sister it is our duty to help our siblings. Suresh too is doing his dharma as a householder; he has to earn for his family but the question is will he be able to? Yes, he is faulty but will he learn from his mistakes. That remains to be seen.

I am taking part in BAR-A-THON Edition 3
The theme is RUN










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I shall run away

Harish was pensive.Nothing goes in life as planned. Sudden surprises, shock always pester you. He looked around to see if there were any customers, there were none. He looked at the clock, it showed 10.30 pm. ‘Should I close early today?’, he thought.

Harish was actually an insurance adviser. But then his elder brother lost his job. Unfortunately his brother didn’t get another job and he was supposed to get married, it was necessary that he have an income. In the meantime,this shop’s owner was about to close down this shop; not because there was no business but because he wanted to retire. Harish had thought that his brother will be able to run a provisions shop and coerced him. They had taken up the business as it was .The agreement of the shop itself was made for a period of five years.

‘My estimate was wrong’, thought Harish. For Suresh, his brother was not adept. He messed up with the calculations and payments. He was now married and his attention was on his wife. His wife meanwhile was creating misunderstandings between brothers and fighting with their mother.

‘I did wrong in helping my brother.He should have found a job for himself. But me what do I do. I cannot handle the tension here or at home. Vanhi (sister in law) wants me to leave this shop but anna (elder brother) is not yet capable to run this shop alone and I too have invested in this shop,why should I leave……. But best should be that I go away from here maybe to Bangalore. I will have peace of mind. No family or shop tension’,he thought

‘Hey, Harish, still in the shop? Come on, it is the weekend’, it was his friend Manoj

‘For a shop owner,there is nothing like a weekend Manoj’, he replied.

‘Hey come on, let us have a drink or two’, said Manoj.

‘As if that will solve my problems’,muttered Harish.’You carry on Manoj, I will go home now’.

As Harish was pulling the shutters, he heard someone say, ‘ Calling it a day Harish’.

‘Guruji’, said Harish and immediately bowed down to touch his feet.

Manoj meanwhile had run away.

“I saw Manoj here, was he pestering you’, asked Guruji

Harish just grinned.

Guruji had been nothing short of a saviour for Harish.  He had been his Sanskrit teacher.When he was in the eighth standard,  Harish had fallen in to wrong company (Manoj being one of them). It was only through Guruji’s guidance that Harish had been rescued and excelled in school and college.

‘You look worried Harish, what is the matter?’, said Guruji

Harish was silent for sometime and then said,’Sometimes life becomes a burden Guruji and there seems to be no alternative but to run away’, he said.

Guruji looked at him closely and then said, ‘Will running away give you peace, will it provide any solution Harish?’

Harish thought for a while. His brother had just learned how to handle orders, he didn’t yet know to calculate or to check payments to vendors. If he went away will the problems between his Vanhi and amma end? Leaving everyone here and going away will it give him peace?

‘No,  Guruji’, he replied.

‘There you have the answer’, said Guruji

to be continued

Often in life we feel like running away, away from every problem but does it provide any solution? Not really. Life wherever you go or whatever you do poses problems. Running away does not give any solutions. But facing them does.

Standing in the middle of the battlefield wherein he sees his kith and kin on both sides, Arjuna is confused and doesn’t want to fight. He prefers to run away and beg somewhere rather than face the battle.

gurun ahatva hi mahanubhavan sreyo bhoktum bhaiksyam apiha loke
hatvartha-kamams tu gurun ihaiva bhunjiya bhogan rudhira-pradigdhan
It is better to live in this world by begging than to live at the cost of the lives of great souls who are my teachers. Even though they are avaricious, they are nonetheless superiors. If they are killed, our spoils will be tainted with blood. (B.G. 2.5)
But then Krishna guided him and he did fight.
But what will Harish do? He knows he will not be at peace if he runs away but will he be able to stay?
I am taking part in BAR-A-THON Edition 3
The theme is RUN






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