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I shall NEVER run away

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Harish spent the whole night tossing and turning. What would Suresh do, would his wife return were his prime concern. It was only in the early  morning that he could finally sleep.

When he woke it was to find that it was bright and sunny. He checked his watch and got a shock, it was 8.30 am. He jumped. He had thought of waking at least by 6 and opening the shop for his milk customers.

‘Amma pack my breakfast,I will have it in the shop’, he yelled.

‘But why?’, she yelled back.

‘I have to open the shop, customers will be waiting  for milk.But wait if the shop is closed where the vendor will keep the crates’, he yelled

‘Whatt…..why you want to go. Suresh is already there’, said Amma.

Harish stopped and went to the dining area where his mother was having breakfast and reading newspaper. ‘Anna came?’, he asked

‘Yes, he came at 4, had his bath and left.Your father has gone there now to give him breakfast.’, she said

‘Vanhi??’, he asked

‘I didn’t ask Harish, didn’t want to bother him early in the morning’, she said.

Harish went to the shop around 11.30. There weren’t any customers. Suresh was taking stock of the milk packets sold that day. He looked at Harish and smiled.

‘How are you Anna’, he asked

‘I am perfectly fine’, he said and looking at him said, ‘You are asking about yesterday right’.

Harish nodded.

‘Sumati felt that all are ganging up together to keep me and her separate’. he said.

‘We never had that intention’, Harish said

‘That is what I told her. I told her how I had lost my job and how after numerous trials I didn’t get another. And how you got the idea of operating this shop. I told her how for our future I had to work hard now. And when we save a little we can go for vacations….’

‘She listened/’, Asked Harish.

‘She had to. I also told her that for amma she is like a daughter, so if she too treats amma like her mother, all will be fine’, said Suresh.

Harish looked at Suresh in wonder. ‘So much change’, Harish thought, ‘God is merciful upon me.’

‘I think all this is because we haven’t given any responsibility to her. As we know idle mind is a devils workshop. So I am going to ask amma to involve her at home. Also, I am going to ask her to bring breakfast for me. There is so much rush in the morning, she will help me. What do you think? Am I right?’, asked Harish

‘Yes, you are’, said Harish. At that moment some customers came. As Suresh was taking their order, his phone rang, he signalled to Harish to take over. By the time the customers left, Suresh had finished with the call.

‘Amma’s call’, he said, ‘Sumati’s parents have brought her back. I will go home now’, he said.

Harish looked on happily. ‘Is this an end or a beginning’, he thought,’I always wanted to run away, afraid of problems. But then the sweetness of success is it because we overcome our problems or is it because we tried and didn’t buckle under pressure. But most important, would I have this feeling of achievement if I were alone.  Would I have the love and blessings of everyone if I were alone. No. Sure being together has a lot of problems but much more than that is this feeling of love and togetherness’.


karmany evadhikaras te ma phalesu kadacana
ma karma-phala-hetur bhur ma te sango ‘stv akarmani
You have a right to perform your prescribed duty, but you are not entitled to the fruits of action. Never consider yourself to be the cause of the results of your activities, and never be attached to not doing your duty.

As this very famous shloka says we have to perform our prescribed duty and not bother about our result. Or in other words, don’t bother about the destination but enjoy the journey. Life will never be without problems face them. Running away  whether to another place or in some cases taking away one’s life is never a solution.


I am taking part in BAR-A-THON Edition 3
The theme is RUN. I hope you enjoyed this yatra as much as I enjoyed writing it.



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Some theories broken

Amita heard the bells in the pooja room accompanied with the streams of Vishnu Sahasranaam on the music player. She grimaced and pulled the quilt high above her head and slept. ‘When will this drama stop’, she thought to herself.

Her parents Mrs. and Mr. Shastry had always been very devout. But from the  time her father had retired, more so. As soon as she could, she had moved out of home. She worked for a publishing company as a sub editor and she enjoyed her job. But her mission for this visit was important. She had to tell her parents that she had found her soul mate.


Late night when she finally went to her bed, the events of the day flashed before her eyes. She had mustered enough courage to tell her mother about her choice. Her mother was surprised but calm. She in turn told to her husband i.e Amita’s father. Her father was shocked. He told just one line. “and this is the reward  we get for giving you independence”. But her mother calmed him down. She asked, ‘Are you  really sure that he is the one for you’. She said yes. And then things just ran ahead. Her parents had contacted Varad who in turn contacted his parents. And now they were supposed to come down for a talk.


Fifteen years had passed since then. She and Varad had got married according to a Vedic ceremony. She had wanted a court wedding. ‘Cheap and best’, she had said. But her parents had put their foot down. ‘In a vedic ceremony you take your oath for better or worse taking agni (fire) as a sakshi (witness). And that is the best witness than we signing some useless paper,’ her father had said.

Fifteen years of living together and so many times they had been ready to call it quits. But every time, they had gone back and worked on their marriage. Fifteen years and a lovely daughter. A daughter who was as headstrong as she was. But strangely she possessed some qualities of her grandmother. ‘Genes I suppose’, Amita thought.

Fifteen years and her own publishing company. ‘Not bad at all’, she thought. But then she often thought that she had missed the growing up years of her daughter. She and Varad rarely spoke except over phone calls. All these years her mother in law took care of Aparna; her daughter and the home but then suddenly she had a heart attack and expired.

She was finding it difficult. To run a household, a publishing company and of course handling a teenage daughter was tough. And on Varad’s suggestion, she had asked her mother if it was possible for her to come and live with them. Her father had expired some years before and her mother lived alone. Her mother had not agreed at first. Her routine, her home was precious to her. But then Varad had promised her that her routine will not be objected to. And for Aparna’s sake, she had agreed, But Amita was tense. In all these years she and her mother had moved far. Amma’s habits still irked her. ‘I suppose the morning calm will be broken now with the loud vocals of MS’, she thought.


It was more than a month since amma had arrived. And strangely the house was calmer now. No chaos, no friction. Aparna was happier and strangely there were no ‘morning sounds’.  Amita could not resist herself and went to her mother’s room. Only to find that the Suprabhatam was kept at a low volume and her mother busy with her morning pooja.

She signalled Amita to sit down. She joined her once her rituals were over. ‘Why amma, why did you keep the volume so low’, Amita asked.

‘Because you don’t like it’, amma replied.

‘But then back home you kept it on high’, said Amita

‘But then that was MY home, this is yours’, amma said.

Amita felt ashamed. ‘No Amma, this is your home too.

Amma just grinned.

For the first time Amita noticed how easily amma adjusted to any circumstance. She thought of herself, what a rebel she had been. And yet amma had been patient. Chiding her, guiding her but never losing patience. And she though of her own conduct with her daughter. But then Aparna was a brat, worse than she had been.

‘Why the worried look’, her mother asked.

For the first time in her life Amita decided to confide in her mother. ‘Aparna amma….she lives in her own world of friends and illusion. She doesn’t ever speak to me freely nor…….’

‘Have you ever tried speaking to her Amu’, amma asked, ‘What I have seen is that you don’t ever have time for either her or Varad, For that matter even your relationship with Varad is superficial. I must admit that though I never liked Varad at first but he has proved to be a better person’

‘You didn’t like him but you agreed upon my marrying him’, protested Amita

‘You would have married him even if I had said no’, Amma said simply. ‘You have always been a confused person Amu, all your decisions have been because you wanted to rebel and nothing else’.

‘What do you mean?’, shrieked Amita

‘You dropped out of science stream becausee your appa wanted you to do it. You got into publishing be cause you could be out of the house for a long stretch. You married Varad because you wanted to show that you could make your own decisions….I could go on and on but lets leave it like that’.

‘So you mean to say that I do not have any good points’, said Amita

‘Did I say so? No, I didn’t. You are good in so many ways like you are charitable, if you make a decision; you stick to it,  and so on’.

‘The problem between you and Aparna is that you never spend any time with each other. And she behaves in such a manner just to attract your attention’, said Amma

‘Amma, I don’t have time to attend to her brattish behavior’, said Amita

‘You have to decide then, what is more important. Your important ‘jobs’ or your family and relationships’, said Amma

‘Why is it that a woman has to take such decisions and not a man’, shrieked Amita

‘Let us not bring gender issues now Amita. Point is that Varad is doing everything to give a stable home to Apu but she needs a mother’, said Amma, I would not have brought all this up because you have always made it clear to me that your life is none of my business but then a young life is at stake and I have to protect her’.

‘And frankly Amita stop being selfish now. Think about others too. Or you will be left alone. Don’t think Varad will be patient forever. If he decides to leave you, imagine how lonely you would be’, said Amma

Amita got the shock of her life. Amma meanwhile got busy with her morning rituals.

Days passed. Amita tried to bridge the gap but now Varad and Aparna were so unused to her that they did not know how to reciprocate. Amma gently guided them saying every one should get a second chance.  Apu was calmer, the lines on Varads face reduced.


Amita came to ammas room one day, sat with her watching her doing the pooja. A strange peace descended on her.

‘Amu, you wanted to speak’, asked amma

‘Yes amma. Amma the conversation which we had last month, why had you not spoken to me like that earlier. Maybe I would not have to struggle so much now.’

‘Ammu everything has a time and place. IF I had spoken to you earlier, would you have listened to me?

Amma had a point, Amita nodded.

‘And ammu we cannot change anybody if he or she is not willing. Even the Lord does not interfere if you are not ready to take his help. Remember Draupadi and her disrobing. The Lord could have stopped  Draupadi from going into the assembly but he didn’t. Only when she raised her hands and cried out for him that he rescued her’

‘Amma how are you so patient and tolerant’, asked Amita

Amma gave a toothy grin. I never was patient Amu until I started to follow the Lords dictate. It’s very easy to follow then to lead Amu. And everything is given in the Gita, you just have to follow what is given’, said she

‘Give me an example’, asked Amita

‘Well in the second chapter of the Gita text 14, the Lord says:

matra-sparsas tu kaunteya
agamapayino ‘nityas
tams titiksasva bharata


O son of Kunti, the nonpermanent appearance of happiness and distress, and their disappearance in due course, are like the appearance and disappearance of winter and summer seasons. They arise from sense perception, O scion of Bharata, and one must learn to tolerate them without being disturbed.

So you see once you accept the fact that ups and downs are normal in life, you become calm and accept life as it comes, amma said with a grin.

Amita that day could understand that her mother was not just a blind follower of rituals but her understanding of the science of spirituality was much vast, much more than what she could ever aspire for.


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Vasudha came from the school in a foul mood to see a locked house and her mood turned even worse, but then nobody was at home, so whom she could remove her fury on. She changed went into the kitchen, banged the saucepan here and there and felt better. For fifteen years she had directed the school play for the annual day of the school and now the New Principal had informed her that the youngsters meaning the new Arts teacher should get a chance. And what was she directing, some new age drama which she had written herself, Bullshit. From a couple of days she was feeling sidelined, no not only in the school but also at home. In this freezing cold her son and daughter in law had gone to Shimla to see the snow. Huh!! And they had not even bothered to invite her, not that she could have gone to that place, her joints would have pained more. But they could have gone to a warmer place and included her too. Todays generation were really selfish. SHe picked up the phone, called her brother and poured out her woes. He listened patiently and then said,’ Didi I know you have taken a lot of pains to raise Nikhil after Jijaji’s demise but now he has a life of his own.’ ‘Did he say anything to you’, she cut in. ‘Yes, he said you were interfering in everything and that because of you his relations with his wife were strained’. Vasudha banged the phone in fury. At that time the doorbell, she peeped through the peep hole to see Mrs. Joshi and Vasudha cringed. Mrs.Joshi was a very devout person always involved in satsangs, bhajans, she always invited her for all these but Vasudha never complied. Today too she must have come with some invite thought Vasudha and opened the door to give her a chastening, she would never forget. ‘Hello, you are alone so I bought some snacks for you’, said she and her anger melted. Both sat down to have snacks while Mrs. Joshi rambled on about her satsangs and how it had helped her understand the intricacies of life, Vasudha listened but could not digest it and burst out,’ You talk about soul, rebirth, karma, God but tell me if I held on to all these facts which you say, could I have raised my son single handedly?’ ‘Yes you worked hard but there are many who do so but are unsuccessful, why? You succeeded why? We all start as equals in life some succeed some do not why? Do you know why?, she asked On not getting any answer, ‘ she continued, these and many questions go through my mind and which I try to find the answers too. And in life we may have husband wife friends relatives, a lot many people around us, but is there anyone really our own? No body really. We are always alone. If there is anyone to call our own, absolutely our own; its the one who is the master of everyone’, and she got up to leave. At the door she called out,’ there is a regular satsang in my place every tuesday, the doors of my house are always open, if you wish to come.’ Nikhil and his wife had returned but nowadays they were in a world of their own, they gave her time but not like before and Vasudha felt lonely. Mrs. Joshi’s words kept on ringing in her ears; there is nobody whom we can call our own…. And she had said that she, Vasudha, was lucky, whereas she had thought of herself as unfortunate because she had lost her husband at a young age, was she indeed lucky? She was having dinner both her son and his wife had gone out, when she heard the strains of a harmonium, it was a Tuesday. She finished her dinner, dressed up and went, it was time to discover something new, it was time to give a new dimension to life. ——————————————————————————— This story was written a year ago and was put in my other blog. Somehow today its essence looks important to me. Life always poses difficulties in our way and some like me gradually realise that only a path to my Krishna gives me bliss. All others are mundane.


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