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Thank you

I looked back and saw

So many mistakes that I did,

Fell so many times,

SO much of anguish

And yet I survived.


How I thought?

How could I survive my fallen deeds

How could I survive such wicked blows

How could there be sunshine

How could I not be alone.


And then I realized,

I was never alone,

I erred but you erased

I fell but you held

I was a miscreant but you rescued.


I felt lonely

But I was never alone

I shivered

but was never cold

Your loving touch was always there


And today i remember all those times

when you were there

And yet I searched for you

Today is a special day wherein



And a small prayer too

Please be with me always

Like you have always been

Guiding, Holding

Enveloping me with your love.


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A wish

Times are changing;

There may be good

There may be worse.


I may be here

I may be gone.


The ones with me may change,

Some may not approve.


But whatever happens my dear Lord.

Please keep me near your lotus feet.


Let me glorify you,

may I wash your feet.


Let me serve you

Let me serve your own.


But never let me go far from YOU


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They say, I say

I had written this poem some time back and reblogging it today.
The path of bhakti is not easy and accompanied with lot of criticism. But then if you have faith, you have to be steadfast and continue your ‘yatra’


They Say, I say

They look at me and say,
What a dull life!!

Always calling out HIS name,
Rushing for HIS services whenever free
Attending sermons, classes

What a bore;
No fun!!

I look at them and say,
What a shallow life!!

Running for name, fame, money
Gossip, shopping, Party,
Trips, frolic.

Fun, maybe,
But oh, so momentary!!


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