We are going through difficult times. Who had thought that a virus could cause so much havoc? Plans have been disrupted. Schedules have changed and the style of working has changed drastically.

Every morning I wake up thinking that will I get milk today? What rumours will rock today? The deepest of slumber have been jolted by an anxiety, what if…..But life is such.

And that leaves me ashamed. Even though I understand that nothing is in our hands because we are just puppets and yet there is fear and anxiety. Faith and devotion gives us ‘Abhaya’(fearlessness). But me I just tremble. I say that because times are such or is it my own lack of belief in the superior being.

But time and again it is proved that nothing is in our hands. Maybe it is a man made catastrophe, maybe not but the truth is the outcome is beyond us.

There was a picture circulating in whatsapp which resonated with me


The funny part is that this material world is actually a cage where in we have been sent to rehabilitate, so that we can remember our actual position and try to go back to our original abode.

This we understand in our present condition. A virus has made us understand about our actual position; it is also made us understand how powerless we are. Nothing was and nothing will be in our control.

We may gloat of our material accumulations or our scientific progresses but the fact remains that we are not the doer.

When Arjuna in the midst of the battlefield is bewildered and refused to fight? Krishna asks him why do people think that they are the doers when actually it is the three modes of material nature doing everything.

prakrteh kriyamanani
gunaih karmani sarvasah
kartaham iti manyate (BG 3.27)
The bewildered spirit soul, under the influence of the three modes of material nature, thinks himself to be the doer of activities, which are in actuality carried out by nature.

How long we will think of lording over nature and take advantage of it to satisfy our cravings. It is but inevitable that nature will take revenge one day.

But the best part is that now as we remain indoors it is the nature which takes a breather. The air is purer, we can hear the birds chirp and the animals are free to roam as they like. At least let us be happy about that.


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4 responses to “Doer??

  1. What more can I add? The human mind is no match for nature’s fury that comes in different forms like earthquakes, tsunami, floods, epidemics, famine and similar such.
    While we must do what we can to overcome it, it is only refuge to god that can save us.The famous sloka in SriVishnu sahasranama is proof.
    आर्ता विषण्णाः शिथिलाश्च भीता,
    घोरेषु व्याघ्रादिषु वर्तमानाः
    संकीर्त्य नारायणशब्दमात्रं
    विमुक्तदुःखाः सुखिनो भवन्तु

  2. This post has moved me.

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