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I shall run away

Harish was pensive.Nothing goes in life as planned. Sudden surprises, shock always pester you. He looked around to see if there were any customers, there were none. He looked at the clock, it showed 10.30 pm. ‘Should I close early today?’, he thought.

Harish was actually an insurance adviser. But then his elder brother lost his job. Unfortunately his brother didn’t get another job and he was supposed to get married, it was necessary that he have an income. In the meantime,this shop’s owner was about to close down this shop; not because there was no business but because he wanted to retire. Harish had thought that his brother will be able to run a provisions shop and coerced him. They had taken up the business as it was .The agreement of the shop itself was made for a period of five years.

‘My estimate was wrong’, thought Harish. For Suresh, his brother was not adept. He messed up with the calculations and payments. He was now married and his attention was on his wife. His wife meanwhile was creating misunderstandings between brothers and fighting with their mother.

‘I did wrong in helping my brother.He should have found a job for himself. But me what do I do. I cannot handle the tension here or at home. Vanhi (sister in law) wants me to leave this shop but anna (elder brother) is not yet capable to run this shop alone and I too have invested in this shop,why should I leave……. But best should be that I go away from here maybe to Bangalore. I will have peace of mind. No family or shop tension’,he thought

‘Hey, Harish, still in the shop? Come on, it is the weekend’, it was his friend Manoj

‘For a shop owner,there is nothing like a weekend Manoj’, he replied.

‘Hey come on, let us have a drink or two’, said Manoj.

‘As if that will solve my problems’,muttered Harish.’You carry on Manoj, I will go home now’.

As Harish was pulling the shutters, he heard someone say, ‘ Calling it a day Harish’.

‘Guruji’, said Harish and immediately bowed down to touch his feet.

Manoj meanwhile had run away.

“I saw Manoj here, was he pestering you’, asked Guruji

Harish just grinned.

Guruji had been nothing short of a saviour for Harish.  He had been his Sanskrit teacher.When he was in the eighth standard,  Harish had fallen in to wrong company (Manoj being one of them). It was only through Guruji’s guidance that Harish had been rescued and excelled in school and college.

‘You look worried Harish, what is the matter?’, said Guruji

Harish was silent for sometime and then said,’Sometimes life becomes a burden Guruji and there seems to be no alternative but to run away’, he said.

Guruji looked at him closely and then said, ‘Will running away give you peace, will it provide any solution Harish?’

Harish thought for a while. His brother had just learned how to handle orders, he didn’t yet know to calculate or to check payments to vendors. If he went away will the problems between his Vanhi and amma end? Leaving everyone here and going away will it give him peace?

‘No,  Guruji’, he replied.

‘There you have the answer’, said Guruji

to be continued

Often in life we feel like running away, away from every problem but does it provide any solution? Not really. Life wherever you go or whatever you do poses problems. Running away does not give any solutions. But facing them does.

Standing in the middle of the battlefield wherein he sees his kith and kin on both sides, Arjuna is confused and doesn’t want to fight. He prefers to run away and beg somewhere rather than face the battle.

gurun ahatva hi mahanubhavan sreyo bhoktum bhaiksyam apiha loke
hatvartha-kamams tu gurun ihaiva bhunjiya bhogan rudhira-pradigdhan
It is better to live in this world by begging than to live at the cost of the lives of great souls who are my teachers. Even though they are avaricious, they are nonetheless superiors. If they are killed, our spoils will be tainted with blood. (B.G. 2.5)
But then Krishna guided him and he did fight.
But what will Harish do? He knows he will not be at peace if he runs away but will he be able to stay?
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