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A day of learning

I love being with children. I forget my physical pain and worries when I am with them. So I find out ways to be with children. I baby sit, take tuition’s etc.

My own son complains that I am too strict with him and lenient with others, which is true. Being a single mother is not easy. I have to be strict and yet loving. All my living moments are spent worrying. Whether he will catch a cold, malaria, dengue or will he fall in bad company. But when I am with other kids, I enjoy. Enjoy their banter, their inquisitiveness and their innocence.

Presently my son who is about to be a teenager is in one of his bouts of silence. And all because I refused to take him to a restaurant on a weekday. But then rules are rules. In our home we go out to eat on Saturdays, that’s it. Buttt….I have a plan.

‘Nishant’,I called out.

‘Hmmm’, he mumbled.

‘The weather is good, you have a holiday; let us go out….have lunch outside,maybe beach’, I said raising my eyebrow.

‘Beach is good’, he said excitedly, ‘But just you and me, that would be boring’.

‘Call your gang; Harish, Shaila,…..’, said Me.

‘Nah, all have plans’, said he.

‘Then? ‘

He shrugged

‘How about calling our building kids’, asked Me.

He smiled, ‘But you will have to arrange transport’.

I looked out. Mr. Sodhi was home, his van was parked outside. ‘ let me ask Mr.Sodhi’, I said.

Nishant grinned.


I smelled the salty air. I love being at the beach, it rejuvenates me. Some kids are building sand castles, some are running about. I looked here and there, a little distance away is a lady trying to open her flask and failing to do so.I got up and moved towards her. Nishant was immediately beside me. ‘Where are you going?’, he asked.

‘She needs help’, I said.

But ma, you only say not to talk to strangers’, he said.

‘Yes, but we are in a group, we are there to help and protect each other’, I smiled and moved.

beach-blue-colors-1150618In no time we were chatting and enjoying each others company. Mr. Sodhi was standing far away tinkering with his van. I took out my sneakers and sat.I love it when the waves touch my feet.

I noticed a boy cycling away. ‘My son’, said my companion.

He was speeding away and then he fell. The cycle fell far off. The boy on the waves. I saw Nishant and three other kids rushing towards him. Two helped him get up. Nishant used his own towel to dry him up. Other two kids looked after the bicycle.

I smiled. True we are living in troubled times. We ask our own not to speak to strangers but when we are in a group we can always look out for each other, can’t we?


yad yad acarati sresthas tat tad evetaro janah
sa yat pramanam kurute lokas tad anuvartate (Bhagavad Gita 3.21)
Whatever action is performed by a great man, common men follow in his footsteps. And whatever standards he sets by exemplary acts, all the world pursues.
A leader whether he/she be of a community or a country has the responsibility of setting up examples. A mother or a teacher more so. Because whatever she does is emulated by her kids.


Today is Day 3 of Write Tribe Festival of Words










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