Old clothes/new clothes

Appa looked out from the window. It was a sunny day. Everyone had put their clothes out to dry. Suddenly he became thoughtful and sat down.

Susheela came and asked,’ Appa I made some bondas, shall I bring them here or will you come to the dining table?’

‘No, Susheela, I am not hungry, maybe later’, said Appa.

‘What has happened to you Appa, you used to enjoy eating….you hardly eat now’, complained Susheela

‘What do you see outside, Susheela?’, asked Appa.

‘Clothes put for drying’, said Susheela.

‘You wash clothes when it is dirty and then when it cannot be used any further; what do you do with it Susheela?’, asked Appa

‘Throw it away’, she replied.

‘I too need a new body Susheela, this one has become useless’, said Appa

Susheela stood there transfixed not knowing what to say.

‘Free me from all this entanglements Susheela, let me go, I cannot carry on any further’, he added

Tears welled up in Susheela’s eyes and she rushed out.

She rushed to the other room where Arjun, her husband was working on his laptop she  leaned on his shoulder and started weeping.

‘What happened Sush’, a concerned Arjun asked.

Susheela repeated what Appa had said. Arjun was thoughtful. It was true that from some days his father was tired. His wife was too attached to her father in law. She was an orphan and had been raised in an orphanage. his father had met her on a routine visit to the orphanage, liked her and got her married to his son.  Like a mother he had trained her to be a good companion.Their camaraderie was so good that sometimes he felt jealous.

‘Maybe it is time for him to be free Sush, don’t hold him back. His body is battered, let him go’, said Arjun

‘ I will be an orphan again’, said she.

Arjun sighed. ‘For your selfish interests,how long will he carry his worn out body Sush’, he asked.

Susheela looked at him with her swollen eyes.

Some days later Appa left his body.

Susheela sat near his body reminiscing the old days mumbling under her breathe, ‘may you get a better body appa and better companions too’.

Bhagavad Gita chapter 2 Shloka 22 says:

vasamsi jirnani yatha vihaya navani grhnati naro ‘parani
tatha sarirani vihaya jirnany anyani samyati navani dehi
As a person puts on new garments, giving up old ones, similarly, the soul accepts new material bodies, giving up the old and useless ones.
A time will come when each one of us will have to leave this body and take on a new one. Our effort should be to get a better body and a better life.
Today is Day 2 of Write Tribe Festival of words







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14 responses to “Old clothes/new clothes

  1. Wow! This is so profound and gives a lot to ponder on. Loved your take on this prompt, Bhagyashree.

  2. It is a philosophical take on the prompt. I loved the reference to Geeta. I was also very attached to my FIL and I could identify with Susheela.

  3. Karma as I understand works on this very principle. A soul’s job in the current body is to alleviate its existence through good deeds and get a better body in the next incarnation so that it may achieve larger purposes.
    Your story reminded me of this.

  4. KP

    A touching post to emphasize the point that one has to accept with equanimity the soul shedding its worn out mortal coil to take on a new form in its journey of births and deaths to realise ultimately the supreme consciousness. The analogy taken from Gita is apt and easy to understand the phenomenon of death.

  5. As we grieve for losing a near and dear one, we somewhere deep down know this that the body is just a piece of garment for the eternal soul. The soul needs to change its clothes just like we do every day. Good post, Bhagyashree. I like your theme of incorporating a saying from Gita into your writing.

  6. Having recently lost both my parents, your post resonated with me deeply, Bhagya. We must let them go and move on to a better place.

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