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adorable-baby-born-2133He stood at the door waiting. But then it was not new….waiting that is. For a long time He had been waiting. Waiting that His child would come back.

He remembered all those happy times when He and His child had had fun. Those times when they had gone to pluck some fruits or the time when they had gone to play….happy memories. The happiest moments were when the child had slept on His lap or at the crook of His arm. The child had slept so peacefully without a care knowing that the Father would take care.What had happened then why had the child turned his back to Him, why had he gone away. Tired standing so long, he rubbed His feet and sighed.Today too His child would not come back. He sighed and went inside. Another day gone. When will the child come to her senses.

pitaham asya jagato mata dhata pitamahah
vedyam pavitram omkara rk sama yajur eva ca
Krishna says in the Bhagavad Gita  (Chapter 9, shlokan17) I am the father of this universe, the mother, the support, and the grand sire. I am the object of knowledge, the purifier and the syllable om. I am also the Rk, the Sama, and the Yajur [Vedas].
Again in the fourteen chapter shloka 4 he declares
sarva-yonisu kaunteya murtayah sambhavanti yah
tasam brahma mahad yonir aham bija-pradah pita
It should be understood that all species of life, O son of Kunti, are made possible by birth in this material nature, and that I am the seed-giving father.
Such a magnanimous father He is that when we want to enjoy alone without Him, he creates material worlds and sends us across. He adorns this new world with whatever we could need but He himself stays back waiting for us at the doorsteps of His abode waiting. We seemingly enjoy in the travails and angst of this world and births later understand that the joy with the eternal father was much more than what we are enjoying here and then begin the quest back.
Meanwhile He has been waiting, waiting for ages for his child to return home. And when the child does return, oh what joy, what fun.
I often wonder how will itbe when I return? Will I cry out in joy, will I hug Him tight but then I worry When will the time come when I do return home?
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This time have decided to use the picture prompt as well as at least one shloka per day. Join me people in this yatra.


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