Stories for children-Dhruva

King Uttanpada had two wives Suniti and Suruchi. Suruchi was more dear to the king than Suniti

Suniti had a son named Dhruva. Dhruva one day went and sat on his father’s lap. Suruchu got angry and asked him to get down. Dhruva was very angry and asked his motherSuniti why he could not sit on his father’s lap. His mother sadly replied that only God can answer that question. Then Dhruv asked, ‘Where can I find God?’ Suniti replied, ‘in the forest’.

So Dhruva went to the forest and started searching for the Lord. Narada muni was impressed by his efforts. He gave him a mantra to say out loud, ‘Om Namo Bhagvate Vasudevaya’

So Dhruva started his tapasya along with reciting the mantra.

  • In first month he ate fruits every third day
  • In second month he ate leaves every sixth day
  • In third month he ate drank water every ninth day
  • In fourth month he inhaled every twelfth day
  • In fifth month he stood on one leg

Pleased with him the Lord appeared before him and asked him what he wanted

Dhruva was so happy to see the glorious form of the lord that he said he was happy to see Him and he did not want anything else.

Then the Lord said when your father becomes old and goes to the forest, you will rule the kingdom for 36000 years. After that I will send you a golden aeroplane and then you will live in a star of your own.

The bright twinkling star near the North Pole, is Dhruva’s home and is known as Dhruva star.

(painting By Raja Ravi Varma sourced from Wikipedia)

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  1. KP

    Good story for the young children

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