Pleasure and Pain

There was a happy hullabaloo going on around. It was my nephew’s birthday and some guests had been invited for dinner.

As they were leaving, one asked, ‘So you are not working’.

‘No’, I said, ‘ I want part-time options which I am not getting’.

There was silence for some time. I was waiting for the usual ‘but you are wasting your education’.

But she said, ‘Aren’t you bored sitting at home’.

I heaved a sigh. It is so easily assumed that women sitting at home have nothing to do. But then I enlightened her.

I told her how we do everything ourselves without relying on a maid. Cooking everything from snacks to powders to the routine meals is all done at home. And then I told her about the temple activities, the bhakti vrikshas, the weekly programs, the children classes etc.

My mother being my mother decided to pitch in. ‘Oh you should see her rolling chappathis. She is so fast. no doubt because of all that seva in the temple’.

“Then you must be very tired with all the physical work’, she said knowing my low stamina levels.

‘No, I said, ‘when we work for the Lord there is no tiredness. Like the people who walk all the 4000 steps to the Temple at Thirumala don’t feel any fatigue likewise anything for the Lord does not give any tiredness’.

Haridasa Thakur was beaten in 22 market places but there were no bruises on his body and neither any pain. For all the bruises were on Lord Chaitanya’s body.

Such is devotional service, the pain is all HIS we are left with only pleasure





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  1. KP

    I welcome this blog.How true the pain is all His and the pleasure is ours in the service of God and deserving

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