I invited my friend to the weekly Bhagvad Gita class. I expected her to say thats-she was not interested. But instead she said that she was not religious and that she was not raised that way.

‘What way’, I asked.

‘You know the religious way’, she said, ‘I mean I do light the diya mornings and evenings but that is all’.

‘Why do you light the diya and where do you light it?’, was my question.

‘You know in front of god’s photo’, was her answer.

‘Does that mean you believe in God?’

She shrugged her shoulders.


Life has become like that. We do things without understanding. Why do you light a diya because my mother too does it. When do you light the diya? After a bath. Why? Because mother said so.


Remember the multiplication tables which was drilled into us in primary school and then asked to be chanted out loud again and again whenever there was a free moment. We do our routine activities like that only.

There are two beliefs-whether you do believe in God or not.

If you do then it is not just about lighting a diya or going to a temple, try to understand a little bit more, the whys and why nots. For instance most of us celebrate Deepawali but today it has been a rhetoric of new clothes and bursting crackers but does anyone try to understand the significance of the festival. My opinion is if you don’t know then please do not make a show of it.

We also confuse between religion and spirituality. Spirituality has so much depth and religion is such a minor angle of it. But alas we cling on to minors and forget the essence.

(more in my next post)




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  1. KP

    Would like to read your next post.

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