Very often we get flustered because we did not get what we wanted, for which we worked hard  or what we think we deserved.

In many cases our past karma plays a very big role.

And in some-God’s will.

Remember when you were small and wanted a chocolate just before a meal and you were forbidden to eat some. You cried, you wailed, you threw a tantrum but still you did not get. Why? Because for you a meal was more important than a chocolate.

Similarly if you are lucky-God has other plans for you; something which you deserve and which is good for you. So you may aspire for a dream job or an increment but maybe you will not get as HE has some major plans for you.

You may say that here goes a loser. No. I speak from experience.  I have gone after the proverbial name, fame, money too but nothing gave me peace. Untill I let life take its course and HE to guide me. And then I got peace and bliss. So was I an escapist. No. I was just accepting the path laid by HIM.



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4 responses to “Accept

  1. Peaceful read !
    acceptance is the best way to keep us balanced.. Loved it

  2. KP

    I agree with you generally.There are always percieved failures but they are really not so.Only we are unable to comprehend God’s plan for us or our own past karma. Even God does not interfere with the outcome of karma and things happen according to it.But faith and surrender in God reduces the intensity of the negative effects of past karma.
    Despite the foregoing, we must try our best in any endeavour and not hope that God will take care of it.”Trust in God but keep your gunpowder dry” said Oliver Cromwell to his soldiers.

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