They say, I say

I had written this poem some time back and reblogging it today.
The path of bhakti is not easy and accompanied with lot of criticism. But then if you have faith, you have to be steadfast and continue your ‘yatra’


They Say, I say

They look at me and say,
What a dull life!!

Always calling out HIS name,
Rushing for HIS services whenever free
Attending sermons, classes

What a bore;
No fun!!

I look at them and say,
What a shallow life!!

Running for name, fame, money
Gossip, shopping, Party,
Trips, frolic.

Fun, maybe,
But oh, so momentary!!


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2 responses to “They say, I say


    Loved it… liked the very first line, speaks about criticism involved…
    dull life and shallow life…
    I believe life is all about pursuing what we like to…
    and happiness is all about that satisfaction of following what we admire 🙂
    Nice lines,, short and strong


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