The four varnas

Now that assembly elections in some states have been announced in India; there is the huge cry of backward classes being neglected. New promises will be made for some more downtrodden to be included in some reservation quota etc.

But the fact is the four varnas namely-brahmans, kshatriyas, vaishyas and shudras were never meant to be hereditary or passed on from generation ot generation.

As it is said in the Bhagvad Gita 2.13

catur-varnyam maya srstam guna karma vibhagasah (this is the first line of the shloka)

Meaning that according to the three modes of nature and the work associated with them; the four divisions of society are made by ME. (ME means the Lord).

So the four division of society were based on one’s propensity or ‘guna’. You enjoy learning and teaching then you have Brahminical qualities, if you like trade you belong to the vaishya category, you are passionate about martial arts and want to fight for your country you belong to Kshatriyas etc.

A brahmin’s son could become a sudra and vice versa.

So where did this varnashram based on heredity creep in and most important why is it being encouraged?

The actual creation of varnas was to divide the human society in classes so that each person could elevate to the spiritual platform in his own way. Like a teacher will teach, a kshatriya will fight etc. But each will do his varna dharma in such a way which brings him closer to GOD.

But is that happening now? NO.



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2 responses to “The four varnas

  1. KP

    While the Gita speaks of varnashrma based on the gunas at the time of conception based on the karma, it has latter been corrupted to mean as an outcome of birth from whom and which caste.It had become a division of labour by birth and not by gunas.
    Caste has no place in the modern world but perpetuated to derive some benefit and political power.Economic power comes from education and not much is being done for universal education and caste system allowed to continue

    • The speeches that I see on TV, about the type of reservations in the offing when a particular party /parties are elected, enrages me. If Only everyone knew why the varnas were created….

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