Vasudha came from the school in a foul mood to see a locked house and her mood turned even worse, but then nobody was at home, so whom she could remove her fury on. She changed went into the kitchen, banged the saucepan here and there and felt better. For fifteen years she had directed the school play for the annual day of the school and now the New Principal had informed her that the youngsters meaning the new Arts teacher should get a chance. And what was she directing, some new age drama which she had written herself, Bullshit. From a couple of days she was feeling sidelined, no not only in the school but also at home. In this freezing cold her son and daughter in law had gone to Shimla to see the snow. Huh!! And they had not even bothered to invite her, not that she could have gone to that place, her joints would have pained more. But they could have gone to a warmer place and included her too. Todays generation were really selfish. SHe picked up the phone, called her brother and poured out her woes. He listened patiently and then said,’ Didi I know you have taken a lot of pains to raise Nikhil after Jijaji’s demise but now he has a life of his own.’ ‘Did he say anything to you’, she cut in. ‘Yes, he said you were interfering in everything and that because of you his relations with his wife were strained’. Vasudha banged the phone in fury. At that time the doorbell, she peeped through the peep hole to see Mrs. Joshi and Vasudha cringed. Mrs.Joshi was a very devout person always involved in satsangs, bhajans, she always invited her for all these but Vasudha never complied. Today too she must have come with some invite thought Vasudha and opened the door to give her a chastening, she would never forget. ‘Hello, you are alone so I bought some snacks for you’, said she and her anger melted. Both sat down to have snacks while Mrs. Joshi rambled on about her satsangs and how it had helped her understand the intricacies of life, Vasudha listened but could not digest it and burst out,’ You talk about soul, rebirth, karma, God but tell me if I held on to all these facts which you say, could I have raised my son single handedly?’ ‘Yes you worked hard but there are many who do so but are unsuccessful, why? You succeeded why? We all start as equals in life some succeed some do not why? Do you know why?, she asked On not getting any answer, ‘ she continued, these and many questions go through my mind and which I try to find the answers too. And in life we may have husband wife friends relatives, a lot many people around us, but is there anyone really our own? No body really. We are always alone. If there is anyone to call our own, absolutely our own; its the one who is the master of everyone’, and she got up to leave. At the door she called out,’ there is a regular satsang in my place every tuesday, the doors of my house are always open, if you wish to come.’ Nikhil and his wife had returned but nowadays they were in a world of their own, they gave her time but not like before and Vasudha felt lonely. Mrs. Joshi’s words kept on ringing in her ears; there is nobody whom we can call our own…. And she had said that she, Vasudha, was lucky, whereas she had thought of herself as unfortunate because she had lost her husband at a young age, was she indeed lucky? She was having dinner both her son and his wife had gone out, when she heard the strains of a harmonium, it was a Tuesday. She finished her dinner, dressed up and went, it was time to discover something new, it was time to give a new dimension to life. ——————————————————————————— This story was written a year ago and was put in my other blog. Somehow today its essence looks important to me. Life always poses difficulties in our way and some like me gradually realise that only a path to my Krishna gives me bliss. All others are mundane.



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4 responses to “Vasudha

  1. KP

    A beautiful story narrating about neglect of and indifference to elderly that we see in many houses.But it carries the message that if we understand the real purpose of one’s life, many of these pale into insignificance and mind gets tuned to explore ourselves eventually turning to God.Satsangs provide the enabling ambience towards that direction that Vasudha would have learnt by now.
    Thank you Bhagyashree.

    • There were two aspects which I wanted to write about. Firstly a person still trying to be attached to routine matters. Whereas it is always better that after a stage you leave it to the next generation.
      Secondly realisation of self and preparation for the next journey. Hope I could convey it properly

  2. KP

    You did convey both the aspects commendably.

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