Purpose of life

Ever wondered why we have got this human life out of the 8,400,000 species of life?

Ever wondered what are we supposed to do with this human life?

Ever wondered who you actually are?

Seemingly simple questions but your life can change once you get the meaning of these questions.

From the tenth to the thirtieth shlokas of the Bhagvad Gita Chapter 2, Sri Krishna opens the secret of who we really are.

We are not the body but the spirit soul. The eternal soul which is a part and parcel of the Lord and yet different. This body is just the outer covering which goes through life and death, distress and misery.

What are we supposed to do with this human body?

Once we come to know that we are a part and parcel of HIM, try to know Him, understand Him and try to know what He wants from us.

Looks simple but is not so. We are so used to be like a kite flying high, will it be simple to restrain that freedom and try to realign our lives? No.

SO the next step will be to listen to lectures on the scriptures, to hear, and then to infuse what we have learnt into our lives. Reading too is good but then hearing is much better. The next step is association. To be with like-minded people, is always better. Once you take  up a path, to be with like-minded people, the journey becomes easier. For the start doing these is enough the rest of the way automatically opens up.

I hope you got the answer to the first question 🙂

Yes, why you have got this human life is to know HIM, to glorify HIM and prepare to return to HIM.



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5 responses to “Purpose of life


    God- He/She is the heart inside us and Devil- the same he/she who reside inside us..
    Purpose of our life- is to live with the fullest and let some other lives to cherish with our minor helps..
    Live and let live.. Enjoy and let them enjoy 🙂
    No need to read gita for understanding life, by reading a sufferer’s face we can read gits 🙂
    can see god in poor man’s smile 🙂
    thought provoking post 🙂

  2. KP

    An enriching post.

    Although the soul is a part of the all pervading Supreme Being, it is chained to the mental activity of the body and is subject to cycle of births and deaths unless liberated for a union with the Ultimate.”The soul has to travel with the baggage of a body, till it can remember to dump it.”
    “You are not the body
    You are not the mind
    Neither are you the thought
    Nor the emotions
    You are the I Am
    You are the Soul
    You are immortal”


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