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Doing……. for the Lord

Brought in the New Year with the Lord this year, dressed up, danced, sang for the Lord and the ultimate was helping a little for making the garland for the Lord. And the result-unmatched bliss.

I have brought in a number of years with friends and family, sometimes dancing to the fast beats of music, sometimes droopy eyed-watching the clock slowly inch towards twelve, sometimes bogged down by the negativity of life wishing it to end.

But nothing compared to this year.


In the Bhagvad Gita 3.30 Krishna says surrender all your works onto me with full knowledge of me without any claims of proprietorship or profit.

When we do any work sincerely without any thought of what the outcome might be, putting in 100 % effort, whatever the result be; we will have only ‘ananda’ i.e. bliss/ satisfaction

But on the other hand when and whatever we do for the Lord, we get ‘Parmananda’- ultimate bliss.

When you sing for the Lord, when you dance for the Lord, when you do service for the Lord the happiness you derive out of this simple pleasures is immeasurable.

Why? Because that time the soul (our soul) connects to the super soul(Lord)

Try it sometime and you will understand.


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