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How did you feel when your childhood friend called you up on your birthday after a long time. Weren’t you ecstatic? There wasn’t any need for him/her to gift you or there was not any need of his/her physical presence. The very fact that the person called you, filled you with joy.

Similarly Bhagvan has no dearth of devotees offering service or devotees offering bhog to him . For sure he has no shortage of food. But when we lovingly cook food and serve him, what he sees is our ‘bhav’. What he sees is our desire to serve him.

The bhav is important.

Remember Sudama? How he had just a grain of rice and yet he offered it to the Lord with full ‘bhakti’, with full devotion. And the Lord accepted it. Was he hungry? Did he have shortage of food? No. He just looked at Sudama’s bhav, his bhakti.


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The four varnas

Now that assembly elections in some states have been announced in India; there is the huge cry of backward classes being neglected. New promises will be made for some more downtrodden to be included in some reservation quota etc.

But the fact is the four varnas namely-brahmans, kshatriyas, vaishyas and shudras were never meant to be hereditary or passed on from generation ot generation.

As it is said in the Bhagvad Gita 2.13

catur-varnyam maya srstam guna karma vibhagasah (this is the first line of the shloka)

Meaning that according to the three modes of nature and the work associated with them; the four divisions of society are made by ME. (ME means the Lord).

So the four division of society were based on one’s propensity or ‘guna’. You enjoy learning and teaching then you have Brahminical qualities, if you like trade you belong to the vaishya category, you are passionate about martial arts and want to fight for your country you belong to Kshatriyas etc.

A brahmin’s son could become a sudra and vice versa.

So where did this varnashram based on heredity creep in and most important why is it being encouraged?

The actual creation of varnas was to divide the human society in classes so that each person could elevate to the spiritual platform in his own way. Like a teacher will teach, a kshatriya will fight etc. But each will do his varna dharma in such a way which brings him closer to GOD.

But is that happening now? NO.


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Vasudha came from the school in a foul mood to see a locked house and her mood turned even worse, but then nobody was at home, so whom she could remove her fury on. She changed went into the kitchen, banged the saucepan here and there and felt better. For fifteen years she had directed the school play for the annual day of the school and now the New Principal had informed her that the youngsters meaning the new Arts teacher should get a chance. And what was she directing, some new age drama which she had written herself, Bullshit. From a couple of days she was feeling sidelined, no not only in the school but also at home. In this freezing cold her son and daughter in law had gone to Shimla to see the snow. Huh!! And they had not even bothered to invite her, not that she could have gone to that place, her joints would have pained more. But they could have gone to a warmer place and included her too. Todays generation were really selfish. SHe picked up the phone, called her brother and poured out her woes. He listened patiently and then said,’ Didi I know you have taken a lot of pains to raise Nikhil after Jijaji’s demise but now he has a life of his own.’ ‘Did he say anything to you’, she cut in. ‘Yes, he said you were interfering in everything and that because of you his relations with his wife were strained’. Vasudha banged the phone in fury. At that time the doorbell, she peeped through the peep hole to see Mrs. Joshi and Vasudha cringed. Mrs.Joshi was a very devout person always involved in satsangs, bhajans, she always invited her for all these but Vasudha never complied. Today too she must have come with some invite thought Vasudha and opened the door to give her a chastening, she would never forget. ‘Hello, you are alone so I bought some snacks for you’, said she and her anger melted. Both sat down to have snacks while Mrs. Joshi rambled on about her satsangs and how it had helped her understand the intricacies of life, Vasudha listened but could not digest it and burst out,’ You talk about soul, rebirth, karma, God but tell me if I held on to all these facts which you say, could I have raised my son single handedly?’ ‘Yes you worked hard but there are many who do so but are unsuccessful, why? You succeeded why? We all start as equals in life some succeed some do not why? Do you know why?, she asked On not getting any answer, ‘ she continued, these and many questions go through my mind and which I try to find the answers too. And in life we may have husband wife friends relatives, a lot many people around us, but is there anyone really our own? No body really. We are always alone. If there is anyone to call our own, absolutely our own; its the one who is the master of everyone’, and she got up to leave. At the door she called out,’ there is a regular satsang in my place every tuesday, the doors of my house are always open, if you wish to come.’ Nikhil and his wife had returned but nowadays they were in a world of their own, they gave her time but not like before and Vasudha felt lonely. Mrs. Joshi’s words kept on ringing in her ears; there is nobody whom we can call our own…. And she had said that she, Vasudha, was lucky, whereas she had thought of herself as unfortunate because she had lost her husband at a young age, was she indeed lucky? She was having dinner both her son and his wife had gone out, when she heard the strains of a harmonium, it was a Tuesday. She finished her dinner, dressed up and went, it was time to discover something new, it was time to give a new dimension to life. ——————————————————————————— This story was written a year ago and was put in my other blog. Somehow today its essence looks important to me. Life always poses difficulties in our way and some like me gradually realise that only a path to my Krishna gives me bliss. All others are mundane.


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Purpose of life

Ever wondered why we have got this human life out of the 8,400,000 species of life?

Ever wondered what are we supposed to do with this human life?

Ever wondered who you actually are?

Seemingly simple questions but your life can change once you get the meaning of these questions.

From the tenth to the thirtieth shlokas of the Bhagvad Gita Chapter 2, Sri Krishna opens the secret of who we really are.

We are not the body but the spirit soul. The eternal soul which is a part and parcel of the Lord and yet different. This body is just the outer covering which goes through life and death, distress and misery.

What are we supposed to do with this human body?

Once we come to know that we are a part and parcel of HIM, try to know Him, understand Him and try to know what He wants from us.

Looks simple but is not so. We are so used to be like a kite flying high, will it be simple to restrain that freedom and try to realign our lives? No.

SO the next step will be to listen to lectures on the scriptures, to hear, and then to infuse what we have learnt into our lives. Reading too is good but then hearing is much better. The next step is association. To be with like-minded people, is always better. Once you take  up a path, to be with like-minded people, the journey becomes easier. For the start doing these is enough the rest of the way automatically opens up.

I hope you got the answer to the first question 🙂

Yes, why you have got this human life is to know HIM, to glorify HIM and prepare to return to HIM.


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Doing……. for the Lord

Brought in the New Year with the Lord this year, dressed up, danced, sang for the Lord and the ultimate was helping a little for making the garland for the Lord. And the result-unmatched bliss.

I have brought in a number of years with friends and family, sometimes dancing to the fast beats of music, sometimes droopy eyed-watching the clock slowly inch towards twelve, sometimes bogged down by the negativity of life wishing it to end.

But nothing compared to this year.


In the Bhagvad Gita 3.30 Krishna says surrender all your works onto me with full knowledge of me without any claims of proprietorship or profit.

When we do any work sincerely without any thought of what the outcome might be, putting in 100 % effort, whatever the result be; we will have only ‘ananda’ i.e. bliss/ satisfaction

But on the other hand when and whatever we do for the Lord, we get ‘Parmananda’- ultimate bliss.

When you sing for the Lord, when you dance for the Lord, when you do service for the Lord the happiness you derive out of this simple pleasures is immeasurable.

Why? Because that time the soul (our soul) connects to the super soul(Lord)

Try it sometime and you will understand.

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