May the yatra continue………

Sometimes life throws surprises to you-good, bad depends on how you partake it.

Sometimes God too tests you and if you think you cannot clear it, all you have to do is to spread your hand and ask for his mercy.

That is how my life has been till date. I was a rebel but I am His pet too. And so when life threw its surprises at me, I enjoyed if I could and If I could not I asked for his mercy. And he gave; every time he showered his love onto me and rescued me.

This year has been very special to me or rather to us because we have begun a new journey of knowing Him, of serving Him. I hope the coming year we will continue this journey and take it to new heights.

HE is karunakar (merciful) he is dayalu(compassionate/magnanimous), I am sure he will look at our efforts and guide us through this journey.

Happy New Year, may the coming year be a blissful one for one and all.


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2 responses to “May the yatra continue………

  1. KP

    When Draupadhi was disrobed by Duschasana in the Kaurava’s court and she was crying holding her hands in the chest covering herself, no one came to her rescue.When things became hopeless and she had none else to look to,she threw up her hands in total surrender to Krishna invoking His name.Prompt came the rescue act.Total surrender and faith in Him is the key to bring Him to us as did Gajendra who fought for 1000 years and finally surrendered to Achyutha.
    Best wishes for a happy New Year to you and your family

  2. Happy new year to you too 🙂

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