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Arjuna’s Surrender

On the battlefield Arjuna is plagued with doubts, What he should do and what he shouldn’t. He knows as a Kshatriya, he has to fight but still the doubts don’t allow him to do what he is required to do.

->He is compassionate. How could he fight against his Gurus, how can he kill his own brothers?

-> Even if he proceeds and kills the opponent, will he be able to enjoy the victory, no he won’t? Will he be able to enjoy the kingdom that they win? No

-> The law of karma will effect him. Somehow or the other the bloodshed will get to him.

-> The sins committed ( of killing others) will not only affect him but also the entire family

-> He is still in confusion whether to fight or not to fight


And then he turns to the Lord and says, ‘You are my Guru, I surrender to you, please show me the way’.


And Krishna leads him to his path.


So many times we are bewildered, lost in circumstances and we break our heads trying to find our way out. When the simplest thing is to surrender to Him.  The one who rules the entire world, won’t he deliver us?


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